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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

We all need a little boost sometimes in our lifes . 

I for myself listen to music , i love many kind of musics but when i feel down or i need a small boost this is what i listen too ! Listen to the words and what they say ! 

And yes i had back in 2010 a soft spot for the Glee show .. those kids where amazing ! 

So listen to some of my choices and have a super positive day ! 

Born this way Glee cast

Loser Like me Glee cast

Reba Mcintire Gonna take that montain .. yes yes a bit of country ! nice cowboys !

Garth Brooks Standing outside the fire ! ( my best from him ! )

Rascal Flat Summer Nights ! Dance my friends dance !

Another to dance on Rascal Flat Banjo !

By the way our place is not on GPS .. and yes you need a 4 wheel drive in winter and spring to get here ! ahahaha ! so it does seems like our place !

and the last one for today .. i hope i did raised your level of feeling better a bit !

Luke Bryant Crash my party ! a bit softer .. but so nice !

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  1. What fun France - thanks for posting these songs. Feeling ready for some rock and roll!